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Hey, Ian. You wanna have dinner at 6:00?
Nice and shiny.
Hey, Ian. Do you want to have dinner
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Do you want to have dinner at SIX? I'm hungry as hell.
Do you want have dinner and sex? I'm horny as hell?!
Shall we all meet up at SIX? I'm hungry!
Swallow my ball meat up, ass sex, I'm horny?
Horny equals hungry!
Horny equals horny.
Sex equals six.
Sex equals sex.
Let's meet at six! My phone's auto-correcting!
Let's meet for sex...I'm
Whoa, man. You try that and I'm gonna give you a black eye.
Whoa, man. You try that and I'll give you a black guy.
Oh, hell no!
You can't give away black people! Racist f*ck!
Give me a quick call and we can work this out.
Give me some quiet anal and we can work this out?!
Look, Anthony, I like you,
but I don't think of you like that.
Siri, text Ian.
Hey, dude, I'm using Siri now...
It should cut down on the autocorrect fails. Okay
Thank god.
Siri, text Anthony back. Sounds good.
Things were getting a little bit weird.
I was just seeing if you wanted to grab dinner.
Totally, come on over and we can barbecue some baby back ribs.
Totally, come on over and we can barbecue some baby
Aw, hell no!
You can't just barbecue black kids!
Why can't it be white kids?
They all taste the same anyway.
Racist f*ck!
Sooooo, we should probably just talk to each other instead of texting, huh?
If you're in the same room as someone,
please put down your phone and suck their c*ck.
Dammit! No, I mean spank your woman--
NO! I meant speak your words--
Whatever, you get the point.
Thanks so much for watching, guys.
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and it's awesome.
And if you want to see behind-the-scenes footage and this....
I don't know. This one's funny...
and this one's gonna get me killed.
I'm not doing this one.
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I don't know I'm talking like this. I'm just gonna stop doing it right now.
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53146 Folder Collection
Ashley Chen published on September 10, 2014    Clément translated    Halu Hsieh reviewed
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