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  • JEANNE MOOS: The city of Amarillo, Texas,

  • is asking folks to guess, what is this thing?

  • The image was captured last month at 1:25 AM

  • by a camera set up inside the Amarillo Zoo,

  • looking out through a perimeter fence.

  • "Is it a person with a strange hat

  • who likes to walk at night?"

  • city officials asked in a tweet, referring to it as a UAO.

  • - The unidentified Amarillo object.

  • - Wow.

  • JEANNE MOOS: Let the guesses begin, from Fantastic Mr. Fox--

  • - I don't wanna live in a hole anymore.

  • JEANNE MOOS: --to Rocket Raccoon from "Guardians of the Galaxy."

  • - Oh, yeah.

  • JEANNE MOOS: The camera is motion-activated and sends

  • an alert to zoo officials when it captures something,

  • there were some serious theories.

  • MICHAEL KASHUBA: The raccoon standing on its hind legs

  • or potentially a person walking through the park

  • that just happened to get captured in a peculiar way.

  • JEANNE MOOS: But the public's guesses were more colorful,

  • from Sonic the Hedgehog to the San

  • Antonio Spurs coyote mascot.

  • Someone tweeted the movie "Dog Soldiers called

  • and want their werewolf back."

  • Another poster wondered, "Is this guy on the loose?"

  • And, of course, there were references to Bigfoot,

  • though someone thought Littlefoot

  • might be more appropriate.

  • There is no video, just this image.

  • One poster went all out to illustrate his theory it was

  • a "coyote jumping the fence," diagrammed with anatomy

  • like ears, tail, et cetera.

  • Noted.

  • If nothing else, all these guesses

  • could leave folks howling.

  • [howling]

  • Jeanne Moos, CNN, New York.

JEANNE MOOS: The city of Amarillo, Texas,

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Mystery creature caught on camera has authorities stumped

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