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  • (electronic beeping)

  • - Okay, astronauts! Here we go!

  • (electronic beeping) (electronic whirring)

  • - [Narrator] Astronauts are scientists,

  • who travel into space and rocket ships.

  • Today, Astronaut Mae has been exploring the moon

  • to find out more about it.

  • - Greetings, Astro Team Alpha.

  • - (gasps) That's us. - Whoa.

  • - Hi! - Hi!

  • - It's time to go home, but my rovers,

  • which I drive to explore the moon,

  • are way over there.

  • One of the rovers has a crane for lifting.

  • One has a shovel for digging,

  • and one rover has a rocket booster for extra speed.

  • Your mission, astronauts?

  • Drive the rovers back to the rocket ship

  • before it's time for us to blast off for home.

  • Can you do it? - On it!

  • - Yes, baby!

  • - Okay, Astro Team Alpha, time to go!

  • (Elmo giggles)

  • Driving, driving, driving to the rocket ship

  • Driving on the moon to the rocket ship

  • Here we go, we're driving on the moon

  • Back to the rocket ship

(electronic beeping)

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