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  • Hello! Jennifer from Tarle speech with your  question of the week and this is a tip, a quick  

  • word study. This question this week was based  around a few words that I have gotten recently  

  • and I saw a pattern and that's why I'm  teaching the pattern this way. Typically,  

  • when we have a closed syllable in englishmeaning it ends with one or two consonant sounds,  

  • that vowel before it is going to be shortMany of my students think this should be oh  

  • or oh. But in this case this is a spelling  exception and a reading exception. We're going to  

  • say the long o and you were going to say old and  olt. How do we do this? You're going to start with  

  • that o. Your mouth is going to be open, tongue  is going to be low in the bottom of the mouth,  

  • then you're going to move to a pucker. As you  move to a pucker, your tongue doesn't really  

  • have anywhere else to go so, it's just going  to be flat in the middle of your mouth. o o o.

  • Then you're going to keep moving your  tongue from the middle of your mouth  

  • to the back of your top front teeth for that L. As  you do this, you want to think about smiling lips  

  • so that your lips are no longer in a puckerOkay so it's going to look like this old old old.

  • It looks kind of funny because I'm going  really really slowly. It won't look so  

  • funny when I try it in a word. And then we're  going to end with that d d. And to do that:  

  • tip of the tongue touches the back of your top  front teeth, air puffs out, voice box is on and  

  • moving. For the t, same position, voice box  is off, and is not moving. So let's try those 

  • old old old olt olt olt 

  • told gold 

  • hold cold 

  • bolt jolt 

  • colt volt

  • One more thing someone asked me aboutwhat's the difference between cold and gold

  • Gold: voice box is on and moving. Cold: voice box is not on and not vibrating.

  • One more time

  • told gold 

  • hold cold 

  • bolt jolt 

  • colt volt

  • So give me a sentence with any of those words  and give it a try. I know people are going  

  • to notice the difference. If you found  this helpful give us a like and a share.  

  • If you need help we have products and classes  listed at Tarle Speech. Thanks everyone!

Hello! Jennifer from Tarle speech with your  question of the week and this is a tip, a quick  

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How to Pronounce OLD & OLT - GOLD, COLD, HOLD, TOLD, COLT, VOLT, BOLT, JOLT -Reading & Pronunciation

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    Summer posted on 2022/05/25
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