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  • So obviously you two both play amazing, capable characters. Doing that for months on end,

  • is it quite empowering?

  • Going in obviously, you're excited to be able to zip up your costume, and you're like alright.

  • Of the months and hours I spent like dedicated to this is actually, it's working out okay,

  • and then there's usually like about a week long period a couple months in where every

  • actor goes rogue, and you're like "I don't care! I don't care anymore! Just bring me

  • some chicken wings." And all you do is eat a bunch of doughnuts and chicken wings for

  • like a week, and then your costume doesn't really zip up as well, and then that's when

  • you realise no, I have to do what I was doing before. That's how I get into this thing.

  • There's no easy way out.

  • Our mission is to rescue hostages.

  • No, that's your mission.

  • I want to make sure as many times as you can, you suit up. I think the audience is very

  • smart. They know when you do the Texas switch, and so you want to try as often as you can

  • to put the gloves on and get into the ring, so... I did gymnastics training and motorcycle

  • training and fight training. Just the fight training alone is these giant choreographed

  • dances that take weeks and weeks to learn, so for me it's the preparation leading to

  • the movie that's the most challenging.

  • Wait a minute. Is the Texas switch a poker reference?

  • No, the Texas switch. I don't know what the reference is, but the Texas switch is actually...

  • Is it like an Old Western type? But why is it the Texas switch?

  • I don't know the root of the...

  • I've never heard that before. Learn something new everyday.

  • You know the ol' Texas switch?

  • Where is that from?

  • -Must be like an old like... -I don't think it's a poker reference.

  • Must be like an old movie, like an old movie cowboy movie reference or something.

  • I call it the ol' switcheroo.

  • Yeah, the old switcheroo. I usually do the old switcheroo. Switcheroni.

  • I think it's the same thing...

  • It sounds like jabroni, which is one of my favourite most underused words. Jabroni. Isn't it a great word?

  • I forgot about that word.

  • Jabroni.

  • Scarlett, are you are aware that Samuel L Jackson keeps a small figurine of you in his

  • cardigan pocket?

  • Um, you know what? I was aware of that, and I think it's a beautiful thing. It brings

  • tears to my eyes to know. I like to stay close to his heart. That's on the other side. Right here.

  • He took it out. He gave it like a little stroke.

  • -A little pat? -He has it right now?

  • -He's got it now. -That's amazing.

  • Yeah, I had one of him also this morning. I was going to glue it right over here, and

  • occasionally reveal it like that, so I might have to do that for round two today.

  • Samuel on your shoulder.

  • -Oh what's up man? -Oh, I didn't see you there.

  • And then I could put one over here and be like oh!

  • And I actually as a girl loved your character. I love strong, empowered women in films.

  • Do you think there's room for more women leading action films?

  • No, we're full!

  • -No. -No more. We're done.

  • I filled a quota. Um, I think that yesterday I met a lot of the fans here at the London

  • premiere. A lot of girls dressed up as all kinds of characters. There was a Mrs. Marvel.

  • There was Wasp. There was a lot of Black Widows out there.

  • And I told each one of them no more room.

  • You know, but I think one thing I got from all of them was that there's space they want.

  • They're excited to see the female represented in these movies, so I think Marvel's kind

  • of taken, heard that note, and you'll see some pretty strong female characters in Avengers 2 coming up.

  • Very quickly before I go. Can you give me your favourite line from the film, if you have one?

  • My favourite line from the film?

  • Ummm... I'm trying to rack my brain for it. I can't even remember my lines on the day.

  • I like Sam's line. S.H.I.E.L.D. takes the world as it is, not as we'd like to be. That's

  • such an applicable notion to so many aspects of your own personal life. We all want to

  • have a certain set of values and morality, but sometimes the world doesn't accommodate

  • and you kind of have to bend.

  • He told me not to trust anyone. This is how it ends. Everything goes.

So obviously you two both play amazing, capable characters. Doing that for months on end,

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Captain America interview: Scarlett Johansson wants to keep Samuel L Jackson as a pet

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