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  • Buzz Lightyear mission log, stardate 3901.

  • After a full year of being marooned, our first hyper-speed test flight is a go.

  • - Who are you talking to? - Uh... no one.

  • - You were narrating again. - I was not!

  • Just doing the mission log.

  • - You do know no one ever listens to those. - I know that.

  • Narrating helps me focus.

  • Ready, Captain Lightyear?

  • Ready as I'll ever be, Commander Hawthorne.

  • This is exciting; a new adventure!

  • I'm gonna grant you 4 minutes to be off planet, but then you come right back to us.

  • - To infinity. - And beyond.

  • You are clear for hyper-launch.

  • Buzz, that was utterly terrifying, and I regret having joined you.

  • Buzz Lightyear to Star Command; come in, Star Command.

  • Why don't they answer?

  • - Sh! The robots. - The what?

  • What is happening right now?

  • Alisha?

  • Oh, no, that's my grandmother.

  • ButSox, how long were we gone?

  • Sixty-two years, seven months, and five days.

  • What?

  • (This June)

  • I hope you're ready for action, because all we needed was a pilot.

  • For what?

  • To destroy the alien ship.

  • I have a plan, and I have a team.

  • Darby can take any three things and make them explode.

  • I do this and they shave a little time off my sentence.

  • Okay, and what about you?

  • Well, I thought that this was gonna be, like, a fun boot-camp workout thing.

  • But it is not.

  • - Did I get it? - Pretty close.

  • I need theanyone seen the harpoons?

  • (You know his name)

  • - Buzz! - Buzz! - Lightyear!

  • (Discover his story)

  • The probability of survival with an inexperienced crew is 38.2%.

  • Hmm, seems a bit low.

  • Mission failure imminent, in three...

  • Grandma always said she believed in you.

  • ... two... one.

  • That was a big swirly-doo.

  • - I think I need a bag. - No, no.

  • Please record your last words.

  • Do not vomit inside the vehicle.

  • Do not vomit inside the vehicle.

  • If you are satisfied with this recording, speak or select "one".

  • To infinity...

  • Are you trying to get me to pull your finger?

  • - Don't fall for it. - No, not like that!

  • Ugh. Sorry, it's a thing your grandma and I used to do.

Buzz Lightyear mission log, stardate 3901.

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