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  • (Elmo laughs)

  • - Oh, hi there.

  • Abby left a special surprise hidden in Tango's bubble bath.

  • (Elmo laughs)

  • (Tango barks)

  • What is it? (laughs)

  • Elmo doesn't know what it is.

  • It's a mystery, Tango.

  • (Tango barks)

  • To find out what Abby has hidden for you

  • we need to pop 10 bubbles in your bathtub.

  • (Tango barks)

  • Lets count each bubble when Tango pops them.

  • That's one,

  • two,

  • three, four.

  • Good job Tango, are you ready for more?

  • (Tango barks)

  • Five,

  • six,

  • seven, Tango's doing so well.

  • Eight, nine, 10 bubbles!

  • 10 bubbles all together.

  • (Tango barks)

  • Great job popping Tango.

  • Oh, and great job counting everybody.

  • Look Tango, Abby left you a rubber ducky

  • for your bubble bath.

  • (Tango barks)

  • That was so much fun!

  • Thanks for helping Elmo and Tango

  • solve the bubble bath mystery!

  • Bye bye, Elmo loves you.

(Elmo laughs)

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