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  • I've gone back to the floor at the brilliant one of south Wales most popular restaurants.

  • I've been learning to work the tender or clay over.

  • It's the busiest station in the kitchen.

  • Now the pressure is really on a service is about to start.

  • The kitchen is quite chaotic, quite hectic, especially on a busy night like we've got today were quite fully booked when you call it an order.

  • What?

  • What are the cooks shout back to you?

  • Hungy.

  • Hungy onion vangie, nothing.

  • My three hours practice earlier was a disaster shit.

  • Now there are 150 books for dinner and I can't let the team down.

  • The food is steaming hot when the chefs have cooked and the naan bread, which is accompanying, it cannot go out two minutes later or one minute earlier.

  • It's got to go at the same time right services just about to start.

  • I've had three hours training on that Thunder River but don't get that right.

  • Trust me, I'm gonna have one piste off owner and a burnt pair of bollocks charcoal hang on seven and the first order is in.

  • Okay.

  • I got new starter, full butter, tandoori, lamb, chops, chili, chicken, tandoori, chicken, chicken, four pieces tickets please.

  • Mm Yes, chef, you're taking the wrong school wrong while the kitchen is hotting up my skills at the thunder are barely lukewarm one hour in and I'm yet to get any food out to the customers and the boss is now in the kitchen, which is no laughing matter those four c kebabs.

  • The guest has been waiting 15 minutes, hurry up and do.

  • We are going slow service.

  • It's mad here, you know that thanks for clarity's paces frantic.

  • But I'm determined to crack the tender.

  • A big order for Nombre gives me a chance to prove myself all together.

  • I need 606.

  • Here we go.

  • Ah, bullets.

  • Will I ever crack this?

  • Yeah, brian, that's six in what I want now is six coming out.

  • Usually somebody who's just done this clay oven cooking for four or five hours to put one naan bread in there is a big thing shit one.

  • Okay.

  • I think I'm getting the hang of it.

  • Good job chef.

  • It's something I learned how to make an arm breath.

  • Now it's all on the fly, lamb chops, tandoori, quail, tandoori salmon, tandoori chicken, tandoori mixed.

  • It's nearing the end of service and nobody has sent anything back.

  • Thank God Xander done.

  • I'm gonna be passed on that pandora over next time.

  • Yes.

  • For the first time you were fantastically good to get on with the other orders and put six nuns together with that Fantastic.

  • That's the true sign of a chef that was sucking phenomenal and burned to ship blisters everywhere and I've got charcoal tandoori arms.

I've gone back to the floor at the brilliant one of south Wales most popular restaurants.

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Chef Gordon Struggles to Make Naan Bread | Gordon Ramsay

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    林宜悉 posted on 2022/04/14
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