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Hey, I'm Keri Glassman, here are some quick and simple tips to help you feel just a little bit better.
You’ve been told so many times about the benefits of cooking your own meals
that I’m not going to pretend like this is some new piece of advice. But what can I say?
When something so simple can make such a difference in so many aspects of your life, I can’t ignore it!
Consider this: Cooking more often --it doesn’t have to be every single meal
means that you’re eating healthier, you're saving money, and you're spending more time probably with your family and friends.
And it can actually be fun. Some people even consider cooking, we know, a hobby!
Hopefully you didn’t stop watching earlier when I referred to cooking meals as “simple.”
I know what you’re thinking: “Are you crazy?
I use my fridge to store sweaters! I don't cook!”
Making your own meals doesn’t have to be this complex, super involved process. Here's my advice: Choose 8-10 foods that you love.
Make sure to include at least one veggie, one healthy fat, a whole grain and a lean protein.
Then, choose 3 to 4 fast, easy meals you know you can make. They don’t have to look pretty.
Finally, make a deal with yourself.
Always have the list of foods on hand and perfect making those 3 to 4 meals with those 8 to 10 foods.
They will quickly turn into staple, go-to meals and perhaps even your signature dish.
So remember: Cooking your own meals doesn’t require becoming the next Top Chef. And with the money you save, the
healthier food your family is eating, and the extra time you’re spending with loved ones,
you’ll feel just a little bit better.
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Now You're Cookin' | A Little Bit Better With Keri Glassman

51089 Folder Collection
JO published on May 13, 2016    Yu-Chun Chang translated    Sally Hsu reviewed
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