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  • where are you breaking news out of the sneaker world?

  • Today, the King's sisters are flipping the script in a modern day Cinderella story, sneak Carella is a gender reversal of the classic Cinderella story.

  • Well, you know, we had to put a little flavor in a little twist and my character is actually Cinderella.

  • So that's the gender flip.

  • It's a wonderful adventure through self discovery, love between friends, family and also sneaker culture.

  • It's about this boy l who is an aspiring sneaker designer.

  • He has dreams of being like the next serious king who is a retired NBA player sneaker mogul and also happens to be the father of Kyra King who I play.

  • I've seen maybe 18 different renditions of Cinderella.

  • This one is more relevant Now, sneakers have been a movement since 1984 86 when I came to the NBA and that's when it started my cakes, cakes.

  • We worked really hard on curating a really special shoe collection.

  • So pretty much every person, especially all the dancers, a lot of like the sneaker heads in line.

  • There are a lot of really special shoes.

  • As a girl.

  • I've watched Cinderella, of course I'm a sneaker head now.

  • So to bring the two worlds together was bombed.

  • Oh God, this is amazing.

  • I grew up a real fan of Cinderella, but when I became an adult, I noticed that there was just sort of this inherent attitude with young women that I was having to retrain and I realized it was such a fabulous format for rethinking it a little bit.

  • What I'm really excited for audience to see is this diversity in this movie growing up.

  • It was very few movies that I watched had people that look like me.

  • I'm incredibly grateful that I'm able to work with such a diverse crew, behind the screens that I'll be proud of it when I can show it to my friends and family, it shows kids that you don't have to wait for anybody whether you're a boy or a girl or however you identify to feel as though you're a princess, a prince or a boss.

where are you breaking news out of the sneaker world?

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