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  • ping pong, B b baby.

  • Oh wow!

  • I'm so excited.

  • Where are we off to today?

  • You'll see Brooklyn.

  • Just follow me ping pong.

  • Can you give me just one hint.

  • Okay, I have some hints right here.

  • Mm hmm.

  • Hey hey we can't wait anymore.

  • Come and doing waiting for all.

  • Let's go go go with pink and baby Shark dance dance anytime anywhere.

  • Baby shark adventure Brooklyn.

  • Look here are two photographs.

  • They both looked like they were taken somewhere cold.

  • You're right.

  • I think I see icebergs to somewhere cold Antarctica.

  • Let's take our pictures and go find it.

  • Off we go.

  • Oh, those look just like the icebergs in the picture.

  • Well look, I found a round egg.

  • I wonder whose egg it could be.

  • Oh the egg is starting to crack a baby penguin.

  • It's adorable.

  • It was the penguin family that was in the picture.

  • Hello penguin fellow.

  • Okay, what's the next tint to, Oh I see some icebergs there.

  • To icebergs.

  • Ah the arctic.

  • Who lives in the arctic.

  • Could it be polar bears over there?

  • The polar bear hunting together.

  • The fuzzy white stuff wasn't cotton candy.

  • It wasn't close either.

  • It was a baby polar bears.

  • For they were the animal families that were in the picture.

  • The animal families are so lovely.

  • Hey yo I love my family.

  • Hey yo!

  • I love my family.

  • I'm a little penguin call me chick.

  • This is my mom and this is my dad after my mom played me as an egg.

  • Dad dad helped me with his love.

  • Hey yo I love my family.

  • Hey yo I love my baby.

  • I'm a little kangaroo.

  • Call me Joey.

  • This is my mom and this is my dad.

  • When my mom put me in her pouch, I was as small as a bean.

  • Hey yo, I love my family.

  • Hey Yo, I love my baby.

  • I'm a little polar bear.

  • Call me cub.

  • This is my mom and this is my brother.

  • When we're hungry, we go on a hunt.

  • I learn how to hunt and swim.

  • Hey yo, I love my family.

  • Hey yo, I love my baby dass adventure.

  • Hey guys, did you like our video?

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ping pong, B b baby.

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