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  • I'm ticked, You ticked.

  • Will Arnett was on this show, I'm allowed to have Will Arnett on if I want.

  • You can But something happened.

  • Can I show the clip?

  • I don't I do not remember what you're talking about, but I I'm ticked.

  • Okay, let's show the clip, clip me talking to Will Arnett and see what's happening.

  • And I shake a lot of celebrity hands when they come out here.

  • You have a strong grip.

  • Thank you.

  • And uh you know who has the weakest grip?

  • Right?

  • I mean, we want to kind of know that, don't we?

  • I would say, I'm just gonna say Larry King and Larry King.

  • I love Larry King, but when you shake his hand it's look at this, it's like, it's like you're shaking hands with the lab skeleton.

  • It just, it doesn't work out.

  • Its like someone put a day old bread in your head, that's what it feels like it.

  • I'm sorry Larry, you were the name That came to mind.

  • Stand up.

  • Oh God, he's gonna hit your boss.

  • Alright, get in there, get that.

  • Alright, Alright, alright.

  • It's a strong handshake.

  • You have a strong handshake.

  • I couldn't believe that.

  • Yeah.

  • Where did that come from?

  • What are you talking about?

  • He asked me, but why me?

  • It's not the strongest, that's all.

  • But yes, I I just came up with a name.

  • I thought you were a good pal, you could take a ribbing actually.

  • It was a compliment in a sense that you could think of so many people that you've met and that my name would come to mind over.

  • what is the great compliment.

  • It's a great compliment.

  • Yes so you're welcome.

  • Now Larry we've got other fish to fry so to speak.

  • I read that you are taking HGH human growth hormone.

  • My wife got a package of it and I started taking it 18 years ago I take and I don't get the injections.

  • I get the pills I take two in the morning to at night.

  • Human growth hormone.

  • That's what wrestlers and athletes take.

  • Why are you taking human growth hormone?

  • Well first I don't know why it's banned in baseball and football because it's supposed to be just recover from illness faster.

  • That's one of the things but it's supposed it's a performance enhancing drug.

  • HGH And you're taking HGH.

  • Hey do you like the handshake?

  • Anyway it's getting better but I'm just curious what that's all about.

  • That's all okay.

  • I've been taking it and I'm 80 years old.

  • I've gone through heart surgery.

  • I have type two diabetes.

  • My diabetic doctor says I'm the best diabetes patient she has ever seen.

  • So we went over the vitamins I take and the prescriptions I take and she figures out it has to be H.

  • G.

  • H.

  • Have you grown at all since taking H.

  • G.

  • No in fact I lost an inch.

  • Okay but I feel that I don't get jet lag when I fly a lot.

  • I feel terrific.

  • I don't feel my age.

  • You know I'm just a bouncy and I gotta say you are very vital.

  • You're a great advertisement for H.

  • G.

  • H.

  • Because it seems to be working for you and it shouldn't be banned.

  • I don't think it shouldn't be banned.

I'm ticked, You ticked.

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Larry King Busts Conan's Cheap Handshake Slam | CONAN on TBS

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