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  • one of the reasons that, I mean obviously you have a great natural gift, but you have been doing this.

  • You were acting in the womb.

  • I believe that was your first role in the sonogram sonogram actually.

  • You were, you were doing this.

  • I think when you were too, weren't you?

  • I was just method acting.

  • You're doing a lot of space work, you know, in the placenta and people were like, take it easy.

  • My, my hands, my hands, I remember the doctor was like, she's good.

  • She's very, she's really good, very convincing.

  • Yeah.

  • Um you started so young.

  • Yes, I did.

  • Well, obviously my sister started, you know, she's four years older than me and you know, this was not the plan.

  • Like I, my whole family is all from has a sports background.

  • My mom played tennis, my dad played professional baseball.

  • My mom's dad was a quarterback in the NFL for the eagles, like everyone was sports and my sister and I were supposed to play tennis.

  • Like we were supposed to be tennis sisters, like venus and serena and it just, my sister was older so she kind of tried out all the activities and she didn't like tennis, She didn't like it.

  • We were also, we're very, you can, you know, you're pale and so I'm sorry, you know, you know what this is, this is how white I am.

  • Elle Fanning just pointed at me and said you're really white, that's as white as it gets.

  • But when I see Kabuki theater, the performers are like, oh my God.

  • Look, look, one of us, one of us, I've had ghosts.

  • Real ghosts, stopped me on the street and say sunscreen, you're a ghost.

  • But anyway, yes, you and I have a similar very pink undertones.

  • I would say our skin and we sunburn very easily.

  • And my sister does as well.

  • Like my mom is very tan so her out in the sun playing tennis, it doesn't affect her as much as it did.

  • My sister, you and your sister cannot be playing tennis out in the sun.

  • You can play it in an arena that was closed but you cannot play outside.

  • And just when she was, you know, three or four out there.

  • I mean my mom had her out there young.

  • Maybe she was probably too young but she was like, she just hated it cause she was just baking.

  • And so my mom then put her into this theater group and she, she has a photographic memory so she was five and she could memorize all the lines and she got the lead in the play, it was called Bluefish and she was the blue fish in the play five and very young to be doing that.

  • But they were like you should go to L.

  • A.

  • Or new york.

  • And I stayed in um in Georgia because we were born in Georgia.

  • I stayed there with my dad and my mom and my sister flew out to L.

  • A.

  • For pilot season and she got 10 commercials in one week.

  • Oh my God.

  • And then got I am sam the first film that she did when she was six with Sean Penn and my mom's like okay I guess we're not coming home because all this work, like not coming home, she calls home from a mansion.

  • I know we've only been gone a few days but I have a mansion on a large hill above Beverly hills.

  • So we flew over.

  • Yeah, I would think so.

  • Yeah, we're not leaving Georgia and like we just never went back and then obviously like seeing you know a big sister, she whatever she did I wanted to do and so I kind of was tagging along and um I played her and I am sam younger.

  • Um I was my first thing because I was just, I was on set like my mom was holding me and the director was like they needed someone for a flashback sequence for my sister and she's like, well obviously you know you look like her.

  • So they threw me into, we went I had to swing on a swing with Sean Penn and sleep in the grass.

  • That was my first thing right?

  • You know, it's so funny you say that because I'm thinking it just gave me the idea that I should find someone who can play me younger, you know because I'm getting old fast when you're on the show and you were 13.

  • I was like in my forties, I'm 77 now.

  • I don't know what happened and and you look exactly the same.

  • You're a little older, but I am rotting quickly.

  • And so I should find someone who can play me younger voice that will you still do the voice?

  • I want someone who just take over and and be Conan O'brien and I'll be at home getting the checks, you know what I mean?

  • But it'll be a younger, acceptable Conan O'brien abuse.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • Get no money.

  • No, I would give them like I would pay them hundreds of dollars a week.

  • What are you talking about?

  • They would get the fame though.

  • You know what we'll do?

one of the reasons that, I mean obviously you have a great natural gift, but you have been doing this.

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