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  • You can send money to your friends using Apple Cash,

  • which you can set up and use through Apple Pay.

  • Both you and your friend need to have

  • either an iPhone 6 or newer, or iPad.

  • They have to be running iOS 11.2 or later.

  • You must enable two-factor authentication

  • for your Apple ID.

  • To begin, enable Apple Cash.

  • To do this, go to the device's settings.

  • Scroll down to "Wallet & Apple Pay."

  • In "Wallet & Apple Pay,"

  • tap the toggle next to "Apple Cash."

  • You will see the Apple Cash added

  • under the payment cards.

  • Tap on "Apple Cash" and continue through the instructions.

  • Before you send money,

  • you need to load the Apple Cash with money.

  • Tap "Add Money."

  • You can set the amount that you want to add

  • as well as which bank account you're adding it from.

  • Next, to send money to a friend,

  • open your messages.

  • Open your conversation with your friend.

  • At the bottom of the screen,

  • you will see a black Apple Pay icon.

  • After tapping on the Apple Pay icon,

  • set the amount that you want to send to your friend.

  • Continue by pressing "Pay."

  • You will see the payment

  • and designated amount in the text box.

  • Double-check the amount

  • and press the arrow to send the money.

  • Finish by verifying the payment

  • with your touch ID, face ID, or Apple ID password.

  • To request money from a friend,

  • simply tap the "Request" button

  • rather than the "Pay" button.

  • Double-check the requested amount

  • and send it to your friend.

  • The transaction will be complete

  • once they accept the request.

You can send money to your friends using Apple Cash,

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