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For over a hundred and twenty-five years ,we've been bringing people together
Today we'd like to come together on something that concerns
all of us- obesity, the long-term health of our families in the country
are at stake and as the nation's leading beverage company
We have played an important role across our portfolio of over 650 beverages
we now offer a 180 low and no calorie choice
its these diet beverages still pose serious health risks
even though we've reduce the calories per serving ,these beverages can still
cause kidney problems, obesity
metabolic syndrome ,cell damage and rotten teeth
which leads 470 beverages which have extremely high
unhealthy levels of calories ,consuming large amounts
rapidly digested sugar and high fructose corn syrup
causes a spike in blood sugar and insulin, which can lead to inflammation
and insulin resistance
both of which may increase your risk of stroke, heart disease
diabetes ,obesity and cancer. Coke is also been known to accelerate aging
and cause high cholesterol ,the American Heart Association recommends consuming
no more than 450 calories from sugar-sweetened beverages per week
the amount in about 3 cans of soda .Imagine if cigarette companies said they
were doing something responsible
to protect you. How would you react to that ?Beating obesity will take action by
all us based on one simple common sense fact
all calories are not the same and the calories in coca-cola products have no
nutritional value
if you choose to live a healthy lifestyle ,then you should not be drinking
any of our products, if you drink coke
you'll get fatter and fatter ,the solution is simple and it's right in front of your eyes
don't drink coke, it's killing you
and your family.
Coca-cola. We're partially responsible for America's obesity problem
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The most honest Brand Commercial ever! (Coca-Cola Company)

74585 Folder Collection
Ching Yi Wu published on December 21, 2014    Jerry shiu translated    Zenn reviewed
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