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  • a traveler comes upon the statue of an emperor  inscribed with the words my name is azamendius  

  • king of kings look upon my works and despair only  there's nothing left beside it except empty desert

  • it is good to be back i really wish  they'd let us play music up here  

  • why because we'd already be on our feet ready  for action we have considered your request  

  • for passage through our territory and we will  not stop you but do not expect us to save you  

  • pursuing exploration always carries risk  i say we risk it everything forbidden is  

  • sweet this is a good day it is a good day you  do know where you're going right nope oh boy

  • let's go make some history i didn't  prepare anything just speak from your heart  

  • we're about to enter unexplored space i know  you're all just as excited as i am so let's give  

  • this everything we got and may the force be with  you how was that perfect we've served together  

  • we've laughed together and we all owe each other  our lives you will surrender or you will die  

  • and it's a very special thing we should all  get big bonuses this is history in the making  

  • here's to a better future  i will be sure to bring my  

  • what does lieutenant malloy call  it my a-game there you go buddy

  • we have to find a way to  preserve some kind of peace

  • humans have a tendency to reduce  things to black and white good and evil  

  • we can find a way to coexist you're kaylon  your people would like to see us all dead  

  • after all these years you're still able to  surprise me show the galaxy that humans are  

  • different that we value life even when our  enemies don't captain you are being deceived

  • it's almost like yesterday was one life

  • and today's another

  • and everything's different on this side of time

  • definitely worth the wait

  • you

a traveler comes upon the statue of an emperor  inscribed with the words my name is azamendius  

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