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  • This is a special card. This is my little girl,

  • with her hair that she said kept growing out rather than down

  • which is how she wanted it to grow.

  • This is the princess card that was created

  • because I couldn't find it in the stores.

  • Motherhood launched my life in many ways,

  • certainly launched my career.

  • I was looking for a card for my little girl who was seven

  • and going through this stage where she didn't like her hair.

  • And I went looking for a greeting card

  • that would subtly reinforce her sense of self.

  • And I thought, "I'll find a brown-skinned princess"

  • and realised quickly that there was a complete absence

  • of anything that was representative.

  • And had one of those epiphany moments where I thought,

  • "Oh, why don't I do this?"

  • Rather than discarding the thought I stepped into it

  • and it changed my life

  • because it opened up this entire entrepreneurial journey

  • where I realised the power of doing something which is driven by meaning.

  • Color blind cards went on to be, really,

  • the first independent publisher to secure a presence for black cards

  • or multicultural cards in the British High Street.

  • We won lots of awards

  • and got distributed in America and South Africa.

  • And started this, or were certainly part of this

  • early conversation around why representation

  • and diversity and inclusion are so important in retail.

  • I'm very proud of that.

  • When I wake up, I pick up my pad and my pen

  • and I just let a stream of consciousness hit the page

  • before I start my day.

  • And it's an opportunity to check in with myself.

  • And sometimes it's ideas and sometimes it's just,

  • "Really tired, really tired. Need tea," you know.

  • I find by the end of this three pages of writing I'm centred.

  • And so I'm able to step into my day really knowing how I'm feeling

  • and sometimes I have answers to problems which is just brilliant.

  • So yeah, I highly recommend it.

  • I think it's very important to stop apologising.

  • And it can be difficult, it can be really difficult

  • because we live in a world where often we're programmed

  • to feel like there is a certain way we should be,

  • a certain way we should behave, a certain way we should look.

  • When actually, what we have to offer,

  • our unique point of difference is all about who we are.

  • Because I will always be a woman who grew up on a council estate,

  • who is very aware and has family and friends who are experiencing

  • or have experienced

  • the challenges which are a reality for people of colour,

  • are a reality for people from lower socio-economic backgrounds,

  • and I'm proud of that,

  • because all of it has contributed to my unique perspective.

  • And my unique experience of the world and that's what makes me who I am.

  • Two and a half years ago

  • my dad had been diagnosed with terminal cancer

  • and we were very close.

  • For the first time, really, in my professional life I stopped doing.

  • You know, those things that had felt so critical

  • and had held so much importance were put into perspective.

  • And I guess it just, sort of, drove home

  • how important it is for us to sometimes get off the treadmill.

  • So what I do is I go on a date with myself now.

  • Which is a two hour period where it's just me,

  • no distractions of phones or schedules.

  • And just a chance to be with myself and be present.

  • And I'm still ambitious, I'm still...

  • It's just driven by something that's much more healthy,

  • and that inspires me on a daily basis.

This is a special card. This is my little girl,

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