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  • When you see the sun rise from the top of the world,

  • it was just the most beautiful thing you could imagine.

  • My first tip would be to just start.

  • The difference between most successful people

  • and unsuccessful people is that

  • successful people just gave it a shot,

  • and they just took that first step.

  • Small steps make the biggest difference.

  • There were so many moments, when I've been in the Himalayas,

  • where I've felt like I couldn't take another step,

  • I couldn't do anything more.

  • And it's so easy to get paralysed by the enormity of the challenge,

  • and lose sight that the step in front of you

  • is all you have to ever worry about.

  • My next tip: Visualise.

  • I'd make a playlist of music

  • that will transport me to the mountain as soon as I put it on,

  • shut my eyes, and I can imagine myself climbing that peak.

  • Just taking the time to really visualise

  • what it means to achieve it.

  • I think that most people give up

  • because they lose sight of their dream,

  • they forget why they started.

  • Spend more time in nature.

  • I always ran as a way to get fit and I would go to the forest,

  • the things that became really highly emotional

  • and I'd get really upset about suddenly weren't such a big deal.

  • Stop letting your ego get in the way.

  • Your ego can be the biggest wall that you have to climb.

  • The most successful people in life

  • are the ones who are able to be honest,

  • and vulnerable with others.

  • The more you build up a wall around you,

  • the more you have to pretend to be someone that you're not.

  • I don't think that

  • just getting to the top of a mountain makes you a good person,

  • or a successful person.

  • For me, success comes down to,

  • can you get to that point by being a compassionate person to others,

  • by being in touch with yourself,

  • and being respectful of the environment around you.

  • I don't believe that you have to be ruthless

  • to get what you want in life.

  • My final tip is you have to trust in something.

  • Whether it's yourself, whether it's in God,

  • whether it's in nature or the universe,

  • but just having that trust that it will work out somehow,

  • and if it doesn't work out in the way I want,

  • then maybe I'll learn something from it.

  • When you have been to the top of the world,

  • you appreciate... such simple things,

  • you don't want to have power of money or status or material items.

  • You want to have great connections with your family,

  • because when you think you're going to die, they're all you think about.

  • You want to feel that feeling when you've been on your feet for 24 hours

  • and you're still climbing,

  • and you think, "wow, the human body is amazing."

  • Those are the moments, I think, that have made me feel most successful,

  • and, ultimately, those are, in some ways,

  • some of the hardest moments in life to find.

When you see the sun rise from the top of the world,

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Five tips for success with Bonita Norris, who climbed Everest aged just 22 | BBC Ideas

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