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  • it's not being good or bad for you.

  • The truth is if you're waking up more tired from your naps, that's because you're doing it wrong.

  • So when you start to fall asleep, you enter Stage One, which usually lasts around five or 10 minutes.

  • And if you're woken up out of this stage, it doesn't actually feel like you were asleep.

  • But as you enter into Stage two, your brain actually starts inhibiting external processing, which means it blocks out stimuli that it deems is non dangerous.

  • So things like soft sounds or smells.

  • And these two beginning stages of sleep have been shown to improve memory, consolidation, productivity, creativity, and most importantly leave you feeling less tired and more energized.

  • But if you pass into Stage three of sleep, which for most people is around the 30 minute mark, you start entering deep sleep and well that's not a bad thing being woken up out of this deep sleep can lead to sleep inertia.

  • In other words, you feel more tired at that point, you might as well wait for your sleep cycle to finish and bring you back into light sleep, which is around an hour and a half for most people.

it's not being good or bad for you.

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