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  • This coffin is alive.

  • It's made from mushrooms that soak up the toxins human bodies leave behind and it eliminates the need for massive amounts of wood, steel and concrete used to bury the dead funerals in the US Use enough of these materials every year to build a tower of caskets the size of the Empire State Building.

  • The loop coffin grows in a lab in seven days and absorbs into the soil in under two months.

  • Mycelium is the root structure of mushrooms and simply said they're just the recyclers of nature.

  • So everything that turns into death, they turn it into life.

  • From this little piece of mycelium, we can grow a living coffin back at luke's headquarters bob and his team mixed the mycelium with wet sawdust and spray it with a secret sauce that helps it grow.

  • Then they seal it in a plastic mold shaped like a coffin.

  • The final product is light but sturdy.

This coffin is alive.

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