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  • Discord features a variety of text-markup settings

  • so users can customize the formatting

  • of their messages in chat.

  • To cross out text, you'll use the strike-through function.

  • With a message composed,

  • put two tildes at both ends of the message.

  • The tilde can be found next to the 1

  • as the shift option on the back-tick key.

  • On mobile, the tilde can typically be found

  • in the expanded punctuation and symbols menu,

  • which varies depending on your phone's operating system.

  • Using the same formatting method,

  • you can make other adjustments to your text.

  • For example, to make text bold,

  • add two asterisks at both ends

  • of the desired part of the message.

  • To use italics, put a single asterisk

  • or underscore around the text you want to change.

  • To underline text, put two underscores rather than one

  • at both ends of the message.

  • A simpler way to make changes

  • if you can't remember the shortcut

  • is to use the context menu.

  • Highlight the text you'd like to change

  • and then select from the options that appear.

  • This menu also has a few extra useful formatting options,

  • like presenting text as an indented quote

  • or in code markdown.

Discord features a variety of text-markup settings

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How To Cross Out Text In Discord (And Other Text Formatting)

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    林宜悉 posted on 2022/03/09
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