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  • This video will show you how to make a tool in Roblox.

  • I'm going to make a cardboard box tool for this video.

  • First, design your tool by inserting parts

  • and manipulating them with the select,

  • move, scale, and rotate tools.

  • You can also add color and material

  • in the properties panel.

  • Once you've created your parts,

  • insert one more and name it Handle

  • with a capital H.

  • Using the scale tool,

  • set the size of the handle to be small

  • and set the transparency to 1.

  • This part will determine where the player holds the tool.

  • Drag it to the bottom of the box

  • or wherever you want the player to hold the tool

  • if you are creating a different tool.

  • Click on the plus icon next to the workspace

  • and insert a tool.

  • Select all of your parts which you just created

  • and drag them inside your tool.

  • Then make sure the anchored property is unchecked.

  • We now need to weld all of the parts

  • so that the box does not fall apart when equipped.

  • Click the plus icon on the handle

  • and insert a WeldConstraint.

  • Set the Part0 property to the handle.

  • Set the Part1 property to one of the other parts.

  • Repeat this until you've set up WeldConstraints

  • which connect the handle to every other part.

  • Make sure Part0 is the handle on every weld.

  • Now ensure that your tool is the correct size

  • relative to a Roblox character.

  • You can do this by inserting an NPC

  • via the plugins Rig Builder menu

  • or by inserting an NPC from the toolbox.

  • Drag the tool into the starter pack

  • and then click the play button.

  • Click the tool in the toolbar or press 1 to equip it.

This video will show you how to make a tool in Roblox.

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