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  • Can l ask you a question? There is nothing to talk about.

  • What were you planning on doing

  • if you actually got the plane and the pilots, huh?

  • Excuse me? You don't want a plane. You never did.

  • Who ever heard of bank robbers escaping on a plane with 50 hostages?

  • You saw Dog Day Afternoon. You're stalling. Why? l don't know.

  • What's the matter? You can't get into the safe?

  • Perhaps.

  • There's two ways out of this.

  • The easy way, we walk out the front door together, or the hard boys cut the power,

  • hit you with the tear gas, and come in strong through the glass.

  • lt's your choice. You don't want that. l don't want that.

  • And, you know, they'd like to do it tonight.

  • You got night vision?

  • You got gas masks? Maybe.

  • l'm this close to ordering it. Let's cut the crap.

  • First, you don't order an assault when no hostages have been killed

  • and there's no immediate threat.

  • Second, if it ends that way, whatever happens,

  • you don't get to be the hero.

  • You want to bullshit me, try harder.

  • Let's go.

  • Okay.

  • l tell you what. My ass is covered, sport.

  • But l would not get too comfortable in here if l were you.

  • No? l got the cable guy coming on Wednesday.

  • Why don't you just walk out the door? l will.

  • l'm gonna walk out of that door when l'm good and ready.

  • Can l get you to do that today?

  • l didn't think so.

  • Any other proposals?

  • Oh, please. Do not say "proposals."

  • My girlfriend, she wants a proposal from me.

  • You think you're too young to get married? No, l'm not too young. Too broke.

  • Maybe l should rob a bank.

  • You love each other?

  • Yeah. Yeah, we do.

  • Then money shouldn't really matter.

  • Thank you, bank robber.

  • l'm just saying money can't buy love.

  • Thank you very much. l'm...

  • l'm learning so much today, you know?

  • Look, why don't we go across the street to the Killarney Rose, huh?

  • Forget about this dangerous hostage situation.

  • l'll buy you a beer. My treat. Thanks, Detective,

  • but l'm trying to stay away from bars, if you know what l mean.

  • Well, if you change your mind there's still a standing offer, all right?

  • Cellblock or the graveyard?

  • Prison whites or a toe tag?

  • Make up your mind. Tick tock, tick tock. Hey! Hey!

  • We done?

  • You just crossed the fucking line!

  • Buses, Kojak, parked outside.

  • You think l'm bluffing?

  • You roll the dice and see what happens.

Can l ask you a question? There is nothing to talk about.

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Inside Man (8/11) Movie CLIP - Crossing the Line (2006) HD

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