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  • Hello!

  • (Hello Kitty and Friends - Supercute Adventures)

  • (Hello Kitty's Bow Chase)

  • My bow!

  • Oh, no! My bow's gone missing!

  • Hello, little bird.

  • No! Birdie! No, no, no!

  • Come back!

  • - Pass it to me! - I'm open, I'm open!

  • - Oh! - Here it comes!

  • 'Sup, Hello Kitty! Where's your bow?

  • It looks weird, doesn't it?

  • No, not at all; just... different.

  • Yeah, like a donut without frosting.

  • Well, it feels weird.

  • Oh!

  • A bird took my red bow!

  • bird? Come on!

  • Follow that bird!

  • Oh! There it goes!

  • Does anyone know bird calls?

  • - Uh... here, bird. - Not like that!

  • Oh, Kitty, I've seen you wear other bows; why is this one so important?  

  • 'Cause, um... my mom gave it to me.

  • A special bow for a special girl.

  • So, your mom makes it special.

  • Uh-huh, yeah. I guess any gift makes you think about the person who gave it to you.

  • That's not a flower; it's an accessory!

  • Ah, oh, oh! Bird ahoy!

  • Aw! It's a mama bird brightening her nest.

  • Oh! I know!

  • Woo-hoo, birdie! How about we exchange gifts?

  • This flower is even bigger than my bow!

  • Yo, yo! Yo-yo string.

  • Check it out; quality cotton poly!

  • Shiny foil! In case I find leftovers.

  • Thanks, guys; this bow means a lot to me.

  • Her mom gave it to her, so the bow makes Hello Kitty think of her.

  • - Oh! - Sweet!

  • You think mama bird will look at our gifts sometime and remember us?

  • If you're still wondering what she looks like without the bow... good.

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