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  • This stinks!

  • I hate rainy days!

  • There's nothing to do, there's nowhere to go; I need action, I need adventure, I need to punch!

  • Hey! I want to solve crimes and fight evil, too, but I'm not taking it out on Bubbles!

  • Me, neither.

  • So, it's raining; what are we to do?

  • I have an idea!

  • Since we can't be The Powerpuff Girls outside, maybe we could play The Powerpuff Girls and fight crime...

  • ... right here...

  • ... at home?

  • Sorry.

  • - That's a great idea! - That's a great idea!

  • But where do we begin?

  • Right here, the city of Townsville, a harmonious community of happy, little people.

  • Look at all the happy, little people!

  • I'm happy, I'm driving, I'm happy and I'm driving.

  • Hi, Joe, what do you know?

  • Hey!

  • What do you think you're doing?

  • I'm a monster and I'm eating Joe!

  • - I do that. - Give me that!

  • I haven't completely set up Townsville yet.

  • Joe still has to go to the market and pick up milk for his children.

  • I'll tell you when you can come.

  • No one tells me when to come.

  • I'm a monster; I surprise.

  • Well, I'm running Townsville, so you wait!

  • No, I'm running Townsville!

  • I'm running Townsville!

  • No!

  • I'm running Townsville!

  • - Yes, Sir, Mr. Mayor, Sir! - Yes, Sir, Mr. Mayor, Sir!

  • Here's your chair, Sir!

  • Thank you!

  • And your desk, Sir!

  • Oh, thank you!

  • Okay, now, let's see what's on the agenda today.

  • Oh, call Ms. Bellum and ask her how to run a city!

  • Ms. Bellum, will you please come in here for a second?

  • Ms. Bellum, I'm waiting!

  • Just a second, Mayor!

  • I'm waiting, Ms. Bellum!

  • Just a second, Mayor!

  • Sorry, Mayor, there was traffic this morning.

  • Well, don't let it happen again!

  • Anyway, is there anything going on today that I should know about?

  • If you look out your window, Sir, you'll see a giant alligator destroying Townsville.

  • - Now? - Now.

  • I'm gonna hide under my desk like I always do!

  • Don't you think you should call The Powerpuff Girls?

  • The Powerpuff Girls?

  • Oh, yeah, the Powerpuff Girls, please pick up!

  • Hello?

  • Yes, Mayor?

  • A giant alligator?

  • I'm on my way!

  • I fell in the mud.

This stinks!

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The Powerpuff Girls | The Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever Indoors (Clip) | HBO Max Family

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