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  • Listen, l can't work miracles over here. l'm gonna need more time.

  • Well, perhaps if you'd use the time that l gave you more efficiently,

  • you wouldn't be having this problem.

  • What do you want me to say? That my plane is ready.

  • Okay, Iisten.

  • l promise you, as God is my witness, l'm working on it as hard as l can.

  • lt's just gonna take a few more hours.

  • Why should l give you any more time?

  • WelI, it's simple. You give me more time, you get what you want.

  • You don't give me the time, you don't get what you want.

  • You got nothing to lose.

  • Meanwhile, we'll send in some more food.

  • l got a question for you. You get it right, l give you more time.

  • And? You know what happens if you don't.

  • Which weighs more?

  • All the trains that pass through Grand Central Station in a year,

  • or the trees cut down to print all US currency in circulation?

  • Here's a hint. lt's a trick question.

  • What the hell is that? Playing games now?

  • lt's the trains.

  • US money isn't printed on paper at all. lt's cotton.

  • Yeah, l heard that. Yeah, that's right.

  • Okay. So no trees were cut down.

  • Are you sure? Yeah. 100% .

  • Okay.

  • l got it.

  • Wait a second. Wait a second. l'll call you back.

  • lt's a trap. They both weigh the same.

  • Tell him they both weigh the same. They both weigh nothing.

  • They both weigh nothing or they both weigh the same?

  • Tell him they both weigh the same.

  • Tell him they both weigh the same. Do it now.

  • They both weigh the same. Got it.

  • Well? They both weigh the same.

  • This time, send sandwiches.

  • That's pretty good. This guy's nuts.

  • He said, "Grand Central Station."

  • Grand Central Terminal is the train station.

  • Grand Central Station is the post office. ls the post office.

  • DARlUS: He's wrong. Who's wrong?

  • Perp One. Trains don't pass through Grand Central.

  • lt's the last stop for every train.

  • What about the subway? They run through. Metro-North goes there.

  • How the fuck do you know? Metro-North goes there!

  • No. Metro-North starts there.

  • What are you guys talking about? Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

  • Metro-North goes through! Let's just get the sandwiches.

  • Metro-North... Deal is, he said, "Passes through."

  • Yeah, but the Metro-North goes up there, though.

  • Look, shut up. lt doesn't matter, anyway.

  • ROURKE: (OVER TRANSMlTTER) I know what he meant.

  • What he said is one thing, but what he meant is another.

  • DARlUS: Yeah. That's always a problem, isn't it?

  • FRAZlER: Sandwiches.

Listen, l can't work miracles over here. l'm gonna need more time.

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