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  • Hurry up!

  • We always said we'd leave on the perfect night, didn't we?

  • Uh-uh, our plan was that we would stick around for another month and play it safe.

  • I like that plan.

  • And if we put it off for a month and I find some wonderful boyfriend, then what'll we do?

  • Come on, Gigi.

  • I'm gonna put my paws together and pray you're not serious.

  • Of course I am.

  • You know ever since I turned 13 I've been excited about making this trip.

  • There.

  • Dad!

  • Dad, guess what?

  • I've decided to leave tonight.

  • You're going away?

  • Yeah, there's a full moon!

  • Well, yeah, but what happened to the camping trip we were supposed to take this weekend?

  • Sorry, dad.

  • - Oh, uh, Kiki, wait, uh, I⏤

  • Yeah, I'll expect you then, thanks.

  • Hi, mom, it's me.

  • I wanted to make sure you knew that Kiki is leaving tonight.

  • Yes, midnight.

  • Very pretty.

  • Lilac would look prettier on me. Or white

  • Witches have worn this color for a very long time, Kiki.

  • Oh, mom, I look really dumb.

  • It's not really important what color your dress is.

  • What matters is the heart inside.

  • Well, I'm gonna be the very best witch that I can be, mom, and I know having a good heart is important.

  • Just follow your heart and keep smiling.

  • Yeah.

Hurry up!

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