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  • The third rock.

  • The blue marble.

  • Earth.

  • Home.

  • Every person, place, or thing we know; everything we do; every memory we make.

  • It's here, on this pale blue dot.

  • It's just one rocky planet in one solar system in one galaxy among billions

  • Even as we explore space, we study our home planet.

  • We see it like no one else.

  • An expansive ecosystem: the vegetation, the air, the water, the ice

  • Our data improves the way we grow food and how we manage the land we cultivate.

  • NASA has over 20 satellites, measuring the height of oceans and inland waters, clouds and precipitation, carbon dioxide, and much more.

  • For decades, our data has tracked how all these earth systems interact.

  • From above, we see the connections

  • Cities transition into farm lands, tributaries flow into rivers into the sea, winds move clouds around the planet

  • Beyond these observations, NASA's ability to model and anticipate how the planet is changing helps communities around the world prepare.

  • We see our changing planethurricanes, volcanos, firesand we see the impacts of humansmelting ice, rising temperatures

  • Earth's climate has changed and is still changing.  

  • Our data gives us the understanding to adapt and to protect our home planet in new ways.

  • Our electric flight technologies will reduce fuel and save energy.

  • We will make cleaner air travel possible.

  • By understanding our changing world, we improve lives and safeguard our future.

  • The future of our little rock in the universe.

  • Our earth.

  • Our home.

The third rock.

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Our Planet, Our Home┃ An Earth Day Perspective

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    Julianne Sung posted on 2022/04/19
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