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  • why is Australian butter so yellow?

  • I have never been to Australia so I don't even know that Australian butter is yellower

  • but apparently, that is a thing, that's why people are asking about that on Google right?

  • So let's dig into it a little bit.

  • The answer to this question was extracted from an article titled Battle of The Butter

  • published by the Sydney Morning Herald which is a daily newspaper in Sydney, New South

  • Wales, Australia.

  • This article was published on December 13, 2010, and what is interesting is that this

  • article is actually not talking about how good Australian butter is.

  • It is actually talking about why European butter tasted better back then.

  • They also talked about how can they improve their butter production process.

  • However, there is a paragraph here that answered the question: "Why is the Australian butter so yellow"pretty well.

  • Here is a paragraph extracted by Google: Australian dairy cattle graze on grass with high levels

  • of beta-carotene, the compound that makes carrots orange and butter yellow, many European

  • cattle are housed in barns and fed dry food contain less beta-carotene.

  • Wow so what we learned here is that based on what the cows eat the color of the butter

  • made from their milk will differ.

  • Who would thought of that!

  • Hello, everyone!

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  • about how to find useful information using Google's People Also Ask feature.

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why is Australian butter so yellow?

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Why is Australia butter so yellow?

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