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  • Yakult is a probiotic beverage, which contains a specific strain of bacteria: Lactobacillus

  • casei Shirota (LCS).

  • The company claims that the bacteria is resistant to the harsh environment of the stomach, and

  • is able to reach the gut alive.

  • Once in the intestines, they act to exert various beneficial effects, which retain and

  • promote intestinal health.

  • First of all, the amount of probiotic in a bottle of yYakult is minuscule comparing to

  • the vast amount of good bacteria inside us already.

  • The company claims each bottle of Yakult has over 6.5 billion LCS in them.

  • Sounds like a lot right?

  • Let's be generous and round it up to 10 billion, let's make it more.

  • And let's assume all 10 billion survive and travel to the intestine, what will they

  • see?

  • 100 TRILLION good bacteria residing there saying hello to them, 10,000 times than the

  • lonely LCS brought by yakult.

  • It would be like hiring just 1 more man in a 10,000-person construction site, sure it

  • helps, but the amount of help it can offer is minimal comparing to the busy work the

  • originals are already offering.

  • Furthermore.

  • The 100 trillion are represented by some 5,000 different strains of bacteria.

  • We still don't know exactly what many of which do other the fact that they are good

  • for us, and the composition of the strains are different from individuals to individuals.

  • And now Yakult throws in ONE single strain of bacteria (LCS) and claims that it can retain

  • and promote intestinal health.

  • It would be like you are making a giant dish and there's already 5,000 ingredients, and

  • someone rushes in and adds one single pinch of something new in it and claims that it

  • helps making the dish as delicious as it is.

  • In principle yah it helps, and it certainly does change the composition of the dish, but

  • the help and change are virtually unnoticeable because of the vast amount of ingredients

  • that already exist.

  • We are not claiming Yakult is bad for your health.

  • What we are suggesting here is that even if the beverage works as it is advertised, the

  • effect will probably be so minuscule that it's not worth it.

  • As Scientific America put itThe majority of studies to date have failed to reveal any

  • benefits (of consuming probiotic supplements) in individuals who are already healthy.”

  • If you have constipation or other intestinal disease, or recently take a lot of antibiotic

  • that wipes away a lot of your good bacteria, taking Yakult probably can help a little.

  • But if you are already healthy, like most of us.

  • Yakult probably wont do anything to you other than giving you a Coke can worth of sugar.

  • To drink or not, the decision in yours.

Yakult is a probiotic beverage, which contains a specific strain of bacteria: Lactobacillus

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Is Yakult as good as they claim?

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