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  • LINDSEY COLLINS This film is set in 2002 Toronto.

  • LINDSEY COLLINS Think bright pastels and scrunchies, graphic tees and bucket hats.

  • DOMEE SHI Mei is our

  • spunky 13-year-old protagonist.

  • DOMEE SHI Nerd and proud of it.

  • MEI y equals negative four.

  • MEI (speaking French)

  • ROSALIE CHIANG She has to balance

  • family life, social life, friend life and school life.

  • MEI This is grade eight. I don't got time to mess around.

  • DOMEE SHI Mei is semi-based off of myself and my ride or die dork squad.

  • FRIENDS Alright!

  • DOMEE SHI And she is the apple of her mom's eye. They are basically joined at the hip.

  • MING Give me five.

  • MEI Yeah.

  • I play the character of Ming, who is Mei's mom.

  • SANDRA OH Ming is a little, I would say, hypervigilant, but loves her daughter deeply.

  • DOMEE SHI Everything changes for Mei

  • DOMEE SHI when she wakes up one morning and she's a giant, eight foot tall, furry red panda.

  • MEI Ahhhh!

  • MEI This isn't happening.

  • LINDSEY COLLINS She's feeling like this is the worst thing ever.

  • LINDSEY COLLINS Her friends are right there to be like, it's not the worst thing ever.

  • MEI I'm a furry ticking time bomb!

  • MIRIAM Of awesomeness!

  • MIRIAM And now you can come with us to 4*Town!

  • 4*TOWNNever gon' let you cry, oh cry, don't cry

  • DOMEE SHI 4*Town are the world's greatest boy band. Mei's first crush. Her mom would not approve.

  • MING Why are they called 4*Town if there are five of them?

  • When we got approached about this project, we leapt at the opportunity.

  • BILLIE EILISH It's literally been the most fun we've had writing.

  • FRIENDS ♪ I'll never not be your ride or die alright ♪♫

  • LINDSEY COLLINS From the music, the animation, the characters, and then the story itself,

  • LINDSEY COLLINS it's a very specific vision coming from Domee.

  • DOMEE SHI What makes Turning Red so universal is that it really taps into that awkward time in all of our lives.

  • MEI I'm finally figuring out who I am.

  • DOMEE SHI Everyone goes through it, and you will survive and thrive.

LINDSEY COLLINS This film is set in 2002 Toronto.

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