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  • So, my boyfriend and I work together quite a bit.

  • Hey babe, can I get a neck massage?

  • Oh, sure.

  • Just kidding. That's only a daydream.

  • But we did have a business meeting with someone a while ago when THIS happened:

  • To get you an initial treatment. (farts) Excuse me.

  • Anyway, from there, if you like...

  • We didn't say anything at the time, and in fact, as the meeting progressed, we actually both ended up forgetting about it until later that night.

  • During the meeting, did he fart?

  • Oh my god, yes!

  • But I wasn't sure cause he just totally shrugged it off.

  • I know, right? I was like, "Wait a second, did that just happen?"

  • If it had been me in that situation, I would have been all...

  • And then, if we— (farts)

  • Um... I, um... oh my god, I'm, I'm so sorry, please don't— I mean, I'm so

  • It's ok, don't worry. That happens.

  • You don't understand... I can't let you live with this memory.

  • I'm so sorry it had to end this way.

  • I was really looking forward to doing business with you.

  • I was so blown away.

  • By how confidently he handled... farting.

  • I mean, I wouldn't be able to be own stuff like that.

  • You know, just do what you do with confidence and no shame.

  • Everything looks good here, I think we just have one more business matter to attend to.

  • Excuse me, as I was saying...

  • But yeah, it was just really interesting seeing how differently people carry themselves and how you would approach like, what could have been a really embarassing situation.

  • So, thank you, businessman I will not name,

  • for inspiring me by... farting.

  • And that’s the definitely a first, ahh.

  • I will see you guys next Monday. Stay... awesome? Nope!

  • Are you actually gonna choke me?

  • Oh yeah. Oh yeah... I'm going to choke you so hard.

  • If your pressure is here, it's an actual choke.

  • -Okay. -So don't actually choke me.

So, my boyfriend and I work together quite a bit.

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