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  • ? Vegan barbecue. ?

  • Oooh.

  • So, today, we're gonna be trying vegan barbecue.

  • I am from a barbecue town.

  • She is from opposing barblike, this is something that they pretend that they do.

  • I'm from Memphis, Tennessee, and we obviously have the better barbecue.

  • - How do you have your meats? - Oh, like medium-well.

  • Medium-rare is the way to go.

  • I'm excited; I'm interested to see what this tastes like.

  • I've learnedjust get the ***king food.

  • - It looks like Sloppy Joe to me. - It does.

  • It smells like barbecue as ****.

  • Low-key excited about this.

  • This is (beeps) good.

  • Why is this a trick?

  • No, this is good.

  • Yeah, this is good. Is this meat?

  • What is it?

  • We're eating mushrooms? I hate mushrooms.

  • This shit is good. Oh my God.

  • I'm gonna keep eating it though.

  • Bring on the next one.

  • Cheers corn dog. Cheers.

  • When you eat this you know there isn't meat in it.

  • It tastes like a hot dog, but the texture is (beeps) up.

  • This is not for me.

  • This is not of God.

  • God wanted us to have hot dogs.

  • It's weird 'cause it has no real taste, right?

  • But if Beyonce was in one of her vegan phase --

  • If Beyonce was like do you want a hot dog, absolutely.

  • Yes, several. I'm starving sis.

  • Please give me multiple.

  • Why ribs like why you gotta try for like the number one dish?

  • Oh hell no.

  • Don't. (laughs)

  • Nope. (laughs)

  • It tastes like corn bread that is like not sweet.

  • [Nyla] Not today Satan.

  • I truly don't taste anything.

  • I'm honestly not that mad at it.

  • Someone who's trying to cut back on meat, I would definitely look into some of these options.

  • I feel like this is not gonna make me go digging in anyway, but I will eat that vegan pulled pork again.

  • Like I would totally go vegan, but I would stay away from the hot dog.

  • Yeah, vegan food is good.

  • You could find some really good vegan stuff, and then you could find some really nasty stuff.

  • It's just like meat.

  • It is just like meat, you know?

  • Find some good meat, bad meat.

  • You know who you are.

  • (laughs)

  • (country music)

? Vegan barbecue. ?

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Meat Lovers Try Vegan BBQ

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