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  • and we wilI remain here on the scene as this alI unfolds.

  • That's the Iatest from here in Iower Manhattan.

  • Reporting Iive, I'm Sandra Endo. Back to you.

  • VlKRAM: "Protect and serve" my ass. Where's my turban?

  • l'm not talking to anybody without a turban.

  • lt's part of my religion, to cover my head in respect to God. l'm a Sikh.

  • MlTCHELL: Okay, we'll find your turban.

  • Not an Arab, by the way, like your cops called me outside.

  • Now, no, l don't think you heard that.

  • There was a lot going on. You were probably disoriented.

  • l didn't hear that. l heard what l heard.

  • l'll give you all the information you want.

  • l don't need this. l need my turban. lt's part of my religion.

  • We'll get you your turban. We'll find it for you.

  • No, no, no. Not "get me." l want my turban now.

  • You just got to start thinking about the people inside the bank now.

  • lt's a dangerous situation.

  • You got to start telling us about what's going on inside the bank.

  • We can talk about this later. We'll get an officer to come down.

  • You can write a formal complaint.

  • But for now, we got to deal with this situation.

  • First you beat me, and now you want my help.

  • You need to start thinking about your coworkers.

  • l could apologize on behalf of the NYPD, but that was not us. We are detectives.

  • We're gonna try and find out... What do you want to know?

  • How many were there? l think there were about four.

  • How many hostages? l don't know how many hostages, 20, 30.

  • l'm fucking tired of this shit. What happened to my fucking civil rights?

  • Why can't l go anywhere without being harassed?

  • l get thrown out of a bank. l'm a hostage. l get harassed.

  • l go to the airport.

  • l can't go through security without a "random" selection.

  • Fucking random, my ass. l nearly lost my job...

  • l bet you can get a cab, though.

  • l guess that's one of the perks.

  • Put the ice on your face.

and we wilI remain here on the scene as this alI unfolds.

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