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  • Hi everyone jennifer from Tarle speech with  your question of the week. I have two words  

  • today: can't the contraction of can not and count meaning to determine how many.

  • Take a look at our words we have can't and  count. So let's start with that k sound  

  • to make this sound tip of your tongue is down  back of your tongue is pulled up air puffs out. K.

  • For the ending the nt going to touch the  tip of your tongue to the back of your top  

  • front teeth. For that n nnnn; air is going  to move out of your nose. And then you're  

  • going to pull your tongue down and allow  that air to puff out for the teeth T T 

  • N T N T K N T

  • So we've got the beginning and the end.

  • Now for the vowels. For can't we are going to  say a very open short ah sound: can't. To do that  

  • open your mouth in a wide round circle, the tip  of your tongue is very low in your mouth, ah,  

  • the back of your tongue is pulled high  up and your tongue is relatively wide.

  • can't can't can't

  • Now for count you're going  to move your mouth from open  

  • to a pucker, ow. So open your mouth really  wide. Again in a wide round circle and then  

  • move to the pucker. As you do that your tongue  is going to move from a position like this OW  

  • to flat. So tip is low, back is pulled up and then  the tongue is going to move to a flat position  

  • as you move to that pucker.

  • ow ow

  • Let's try these all together can't can't can't 

  • count count count can't count

  • I can't count all of the nice  comments from all of my students.

  • So if you're still watching I'm going to give you  a one more word that you really do not want to  

  • say. Um at least here in the u.s. I know in some  other english-speaking countries this isn't as  

  • bad, but the word is cunt. I really don't like  this word and I can't believe I'm saying it in  

  • a video. But if you keep your mouth too closed  you will say that short u sound and you will say  

  • this word by mistake. So focus on opening really  wide for that ah in can't and that ow in count.

  • So I appreciate all of you! Give it a try  

  • I know people are going to notice the  difference. If you found this helpful  

  • please give us a like and a share. Don't  forget to subscribe. If you need help check  

  • out our products and our classes at tarle speechTthank you so much everyone have a great week!

Hi everyone jennifer from Tarle speech with  your question of the week. I have two words  

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