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  • So you can say as much as you want...

  • But you can't say the name of the celebrity or any part of their name, got it? - Yeah.

  • Yeah, we got it. - We got it.

  • You are so gonna lose. - Oh, baby, you are going down.

  • Why don't you start the timer and be amazed? - Let's see!

  • And... Go.

  • Okay, this guy—"E" equals MC squared.

  • Albert Einstein. - Yes, that is correct.

  • What? Easy. Hello? - That's not fair.

  • Okay, this is the Terminator.

  • ArnoArnold Schwarzenegger! - Yeah, yeah, yeah!

  • Okay, okay, we gotwe got

  • A moment talking about, uh... "Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me?"

  • Robert de Niro! - Yeah, yeah, yeah!

  • All right. All right. This person pretend to be straight, but he's really gay.

  • Me! - And he's—

  • Uh, uhhe is, uh

  • Excuse me. He's liviliving La Vida Loca.

  • Me.

  • - It's— - No. Oh god.

  • It's okay. It's okay. - He's a, um... Latin pop star.

  • I'm not a Latin pop star.

  • No, you are not. It's not you.

  • "He bangs, he bangs."

  • Oh, Ricky Martin.

  • That is correct.

  • I wrote that one too.

  • Key & Peele, all new episodes Wednesday at 10:30 on Comedy Central.

So you can say as much as you want...

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