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Recently, I was talking to a friend
who said that she knew a perfect guy for me
because all he dates are Asians
yeah, he told that us that it was his favor
she said that it was a good thing
which is not
men with yellow fever, look at you and they only see school girls or sexual geisha
they hide same right sort of collections in their cloest
and they learn how to speak in Asian language and only talk to in that freaking language
ahh...English is my first language
I would really prefer if we spoke English
cause you know, it is America
you're white
stop it
These men, the problem with them is that they don't give up fuck about who you really are
The idea of you is enough
I don’t understand why you would romanticize an entire race as being submissive or weak or docile or delicate or fragile or whatever
the fuck is the allure of Asian women
oh, I'm sorry but do these guns look like they're very submissive to you
no, okay, well how about these
and yet, the exact opposite happen to Asian men
they had such a terrible history of being emasculated
sorry,bro. now look there's nothing wrong with having a type
Having a type, know what you like
or you are attracted to, that's fine
but yellow fever is when the only prerequisite for me to become your potential partner is the color of my skin
that's cheap, that's offensive, you're an asshole
go away, pisses me off so much
man come up and they are like, oh my ex-girlfriends are Asians
like wtf does that mean to me, that doesn't mean shit to me, that just means you are races asshole
man come up and be like, I am races asshole
because at least he's like, oh, he is honest, that's cool
Oh my god, okay, stay awesome together, i'll see you next week, it's been a crazy week
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Why Guys Like Asian Girls

13332 Folder Collection
Emily Hsieh published on August 31, 2014    Teresa Chen translated    Eating reviewed
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