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  • NANCY: So what?

  • So what? They're flowers. They could've been to his grandmother.

  • They could've been to me. lt's my birthday, so...

  • Okay, so maybe it's a client's.

  • Okay. This is funny.

  • l got this guy in front of me that thinks l don't see him looking at me.

  • Fantastic. God damn it.

  • Excuse me. Yeah.

  • Can you lower your voice just a little bit, please?

  • You're getting a little loud on your phone. Please.

  • Yeah. Fine.

  • l don't want you disturbing the other customers.

  • Sorry. All right?

  • Yeah, you got it. Thank you.

  • lt was a security guy.

  • l didn't know l was in a library. lt's a fucking bank.

  • Manhattan Trust.

  • ...from Yale. And this fucking rich prick l work for.

  • Thank you.

  • Excuse me. Sir?

  • Easy.

  • Everybody get down on the fucking floor! Now!

  • STEVE-O: Get down on the ground!

  • DALTON: You have four seconds! Anyone still standing gets shot!

  • One! Two! Three!

  • Back away from that counter! Get your hand away from that button!

  • Put your hands on the floor! Now!

  • Oh... What the... What is this?

  • Todd, what are we gonna do? What the fuck do you want me to do?

  • STEVE-O: Keep your head down, fat man! All right!

  • DALTON: Get your fucking face on the floor!

  • You get the same treatment as everyone else, Rabbi.

  • Get down.

  • Now, my friends and l are making

  • a very large withdrawal from this bank.

  • Anybody gets in our way gets a bullet in the brain.

  • Lie down, old man! Put your fucking hands down!

  • DALTON: Get your face on the floor. MAN: All right, l'm down! l'm down!

  • Hey, Officer, there's smoke coming out of there.

  • Possible 10-30. Manhattan Trust. 20 Exchange Place.

  • l have got hostages.

  • You fucking cops come near this door, l start killing people.

  • l not fucking kidding, man.

  • Central. Give me an 85.

  • Back up, sir! Back up! You!

  • MAN: Shit! Back up! Back up!

  • Stay around the corner!

  • Central, give me an 85.

  • Perp with a gun. Possible hostages.

  • l repeat, possible hostages. 20 Exchange. Manhattan Trust.

NANCY: So what?

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Inside Man (2/11) Movie CLIP - A Very Large Withdrawal (2006) HD

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