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  • Hi, I'm Michael Ironside, I'm back inside Sam Fisher.

  • Courtesy of Ghost Recon.

  • It's kinda cool, isn't it?

  • Today, in this Ghost Recon game, Sam Fisher comes back and it's the first time I have

  • ever done motion capture.

  • Put on the funny leotard, with the head gear and stuff.

  • I feel like a sausage.

  • I have an amazing amount of respect for actors who have been doing this.

  • Can we run the dialogue, please?

  • For just the three of us?

  • When we first built this character, he was fresh, he was young, he'd lost his wife,

  • he has daughter

  • He had a sense of who he was and that he still had people on his side.

  • As we progress through the years, he has lost just about his any faith in humanity.

  • Everything he does, if we want to believe or not, is an attempt to get back to a place

  • of loveto get back to a place of security.

  • And the constant notfor me it's what I like to investigatethe constantnot

  • being able to get to it”…

  • That's taking everything that's hurting this guyand lay it on somebody else.

  • That makes you

  • That makes you a dangerous individual.

  • I was really nervous and frightened to come and to doing this.

  • All actors are little kids.

  • And this little kid fell a little vulnerable today.

  • And you guys

  • Your crew and all like that, you've treated me with absolute respect

  • I don't think I've been on a more professional set in the last ten, fifteen years.

  • And I'm not blowing smoke up anyone's ass.

  • I'm serious.

  • It's great to be in Montreal, it's great to be home.

  • You watch your six, huh?

Hi, I'm Michael Ironside, I'm back inside Sam Fisher.

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