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  • Hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech!

  • I had so many requests lately that we have another  sound comparison lesson today. Our sounds are the  

  • long e and the short i. This is very confusing  for many of my students. We're going to break that  

  • down and both of these sounds are in combination  with the c h sound that is right after them.

  • So let's start with this c h sound ch.

  • How do we make this sound? What you are going  to do is you are going to start by touching  

  • the tip of your tongue to the same spot  where you would say a t sound t t t.

  • Put your tongue there - t- then  pull your tongue back into the  

  • middle of your mouth. My lips are  slightly rounded for this sound ch.

  • Excellent!

  • We have that part finished. Now let's talk  about this long e and the short i sound. The  

  • big difference here is that e is a tense sound  and i is a more relaxed sound. So for that e  

  • we're going to start by smiling. Your tongue  will be very high and very flat in your mouth

  • e e e

  • Now if you watch what i'm going to do is  I'm going just to relax my lips e i e i

  • And I have my hand here for a reason. You  can see that as I relax my lips from that e i

  • my tongue will automatically pop down and belittle lower in my mouth. It's still flat but  

  • it's a little bit lower. So it's high and tensePops down a little bit and is still high and  

  • flat but a little bit lower and more relaxed. So  again let's look at those two sounds e i e i e i

  • Now let's add that c h e each each each 

  • and itch itch itch

  • And we actually have those words right here.

  • Let's try this with some other sounds 

  • reach reach reach rich rich rich

  • So again reach rich 

  • reach rich

  • peach pitch 

  • peach pitch peach pitch

  • each itch each itch

  • Let's give these all a try one more time reach peach each 

  • rich pitch itch reach rich 

  • peach pitch each itch

  • So reach for your goals and you will become rich! I ate a peach after I had to pitch the ball to my  

  • friend. And 

  • Each time I use a new laundry  detergent I get an itch.

  • So give it a try I know people are going  to notice the difference. If you found  

  • this helpful please share this with your  friends and give us a like. If you need  

  • more help you can check out our products  and our class options at tarle speech.

  • Thanks so much everyone. I  appreciate you! Have a great weekend!

Hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech!

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How to Pronounced REACH, RICH, PEACH, PITCH, EACH, ITCH - English Pronunciation Minimal Pair Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2021/12/03
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