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  • Why'd they put you in a fire tower?

  • Well, I'm just lucky, I guess.

  • I read the wind wrong.

  • I should have gone to them.

  • Then you'd be dead too.

  • That's our job.

  • Hey! Stop. I'm not gonna hurt you.

  • I wanna see where the blood's coming from.

  • It's not my blood.

  • You in trouble?

  • Anyone else in trouble?

  • My dad said if anything happened...

  • I should find someone I could trust.

  • Are you someone I can trust?

  • We promise absolutes.

  • Act accordingly.

  • Those men that came for your father...

  • -did you see their faces? -That's them.

  • Run!

  • Give 'em something else to worry about.

  • Listen.

  • You're gonna run...

  • and you're gonna keep running.

  • That eats everything in its path.

  • You really wanna die for this kid?

  • Take a deep breath...

  • hold it...

  • and lay back.

  • What happens next?

  • We look it right in the eye.

Why'd they put you in a fire tower?

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A1 US trouble blood wanna die trust gonna run gonna hurt

Those Who Wish Me Dead - Official Trailer - Warner Bros. UK & Ireland

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