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  • Jiayi, a high school student in Taiwan,

  • has a new e-paI, Elizabeth,

  • an American high school girl.

  • In her last e-mail to Jiayi,

  • Elizabeth asked about the meaning of Jiayi's name in Chinese.

  • In the following e-mails, they share stories about their names.

  • Dear Elizabeth, thanks for the reply.

  • I'd be pleased to tell you about my Chinese name.

  • My full name is Tao Jiayi.

  • Tao is my family name and Jiayi is my given name.

  • Tao means "a potter",

  • a person who makes clay pots by hand.

  • Our ancestors might have been potters thousands of years ago.

  • My given name, Jiayi, is from a fortune teller.

  • Most parents in Taiwan go to fortune tellers for a baby's name.

  • We Chinese believe that a person's name should match his or her time of birth,

  • or he/she may have an unlucky life.

  • My name is made up of two characters, Jia and Yi.

  • Jia means "beautiful" and Yi "happy".

  • According to the fortune teller,

  • this name is perfect for my time of birth.

  • But in fact, Jiayi is a very common name.

  • There are twenty other students named Jiayi in my school.

  • How about your name?

  • What does it mean?

Jiayi, a high school student in Taiwan,

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