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  • Hello!

  • My Melody's high tea party? Today? Fancy dress required?

  • (I've) Gotta take care of this!

  • Hello?

  • Hey, My Mel. Sorry, I can't make your tea partyMy, uh, faucet is broken

  • Oh, no! Is everything okay?

  • Oh, yeah! There's, uh, just water, uh, everywhere!

  • Well, gotta go and take care of this water; bye-bye now!

  • Whew!

  • Kuromi! I came as fast as I could! How can I help with your faucet?

  • Honestly, it's not broken. I just said that because I don't have any fancy clothes to wear to your party.

  • - Ah! Do you know what this means? - That i can stay home and play my guitar?

  • No, silly! It means shopping montage!

  • No offensenone of these outfits... argh... feels right.

  • I'll just skip the tea and stop by after to say hi to everyone.

  • Wait! I have the perfect solution; I'll give you one of my dresses.

  • I don't know, My Mel.

  • I've got just the one! It's so perfect  for you, you can keep it; you're going to love it!

  • Come on out, Kuromi! - Argh... Okay....

  • Wow! You look just like a princess.

  • My Mel, next time, let me fix my own faucet!

  • Was this something I said?

  • - Oh, no! - Faucet?

  • I realize now that I gave Kuromi a dress I would like and not something she would like.

  • Oh, I'm sure she knows you were just trying to help.

  • Look! Is that... is that her dress?

  • - We came to check on you, Kuromi! Are you in there? - Kuromi, are you okay?

  • I am now!

  • I just needed to feel a little more like me.

  • Wow, Kuromi, it's fantastic!

  • Aww, super cute!

  • Thanks, and thanks for the dress, My Mel; I guess I did need your help.

  • But I also needed to help myself.

  • Sure, and while you're at it, help yourself to the tea sandwiches I made for you.

  • For me? My Mel, you totally get my style!

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