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  • mm hmm mm.

  • Coffee.

  • It's the lifeblood of your average day, grind the beans, load the filter, add water brew and enjoy.

  • But do you know what's inside that cup of coffee you're drinking mostly it's water over 98% of a cup But the other 2% is the really good stuff.

  • The first thing you notice is the aroma.

  • Actually some of the compounds in coffee would be pretty repulsive if they were present in higher concentrations like two ethyl fennel which has a tar like medicinal odor.

  • It also happens to be a cockroach pheromone.

  • The bugs use it to warn each other of danger.

  • There's also dimethyl di sulfide.

  • It's just barely detectable in your cup of joe which is lucky since it smells a bit like rotting meat.

  • But of course coffee still tastes pretty darn good rich to settle.

  • Metal carbon all lends a buttery taste.

  • No surprise.

  • Since it's a component of actual butter.

  • Try gonna line gives coffee its sweet earthy taste and it also battles cavity causing bacterium, streptococcus mutants keeping the critters from attaching to your teeth.

  • But the real health superstar is 35 D.

  • Capital clinic acid which protects your brain from free radical damage.

  • That's right.

  • Coffee is an antioxidant.

  • Once you've had a few slugs you're favorite ingredient kicks in caffeine.

  • It's actually an alkaloid plant toxin.

  • Like nicotine and cocaine but don't let that scare you in your brain.

  • It blocks receptors for the neurotransmitter.

  • Adenosine result.

  • You awake.

  • Want milk and sugar with that.

  • Well that's a whole other episode feeling wired.

mm hmm mm.

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