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Sing a song, we'll all sing along, with the Mother Goose Club
The Mother Goose Club
Hello Friend
Hi Mary,
Hi Eep.
How's it going?
Hello friend, hello friend,
it's nice to see you again.
Can you come over today
after school and we can play?
Build a town with my new blocks
or paint while wearing smocks.
We can run around outside,
climb a tree or take a ride.
On a scooter or on a bike,
we'll go anywhere you like.
To the park [yeah], to the zoo [yeah],
You know what? There's so much we can do.
come on!
[music plays]
Hello friend, hello friend,
Hello friend, hello friend,
let's walk home hand in hand.
My mom says it's okay
If you come and stay the day.
Maybe we can make a fort,
play restaurant and supermart.
I'll share all my toys with you,
even all the stuff that's new.
You want to play a video game?
I'll even help you type in your name.
I know how to wait my turn,
we're gonna have so much fun.
come on,
[music plays]
Hello friend, hello friend,
our play date has come to an end.
Let's pick up our toys off the floor,
I'll walk you to the front door.
Before you go, I want to say:
thanks for playing with me today.
Next time I'll come to your place.
I'll bring my cars, we'll have a race.
Let's get together real soon.
How about tomorrow afternoon?
Goodbye friend, goodbye friend,
goodbye till we meet again.
I'll see you tomorrow!
Bye. Bye!
[pop the weasel theme]
[music plays]
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Hello Friend - Mother Goose Club Songs for Children

1604 Folder Collection
Halu Hsieh published on August 29, 2014
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