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The streets of a Spanish town were certainly painted red on Wednesday as tens of thousands
of people armed with 140 tonnes of plum tomatoes took part in the annual Tomatina.
Joyously splattering each other in the Spanish town of Bunol, the town hall spent about 30,000
euros on ripe tomatoes and dumped them in the streets for the chanting masses to throw
during the hour-long morning festivities.
22,000 people took part in the 2014 tomato fight, many coming from abroad, and this is
the second year that participants have to pay a 10 euro ticket to be able to take part.
Truckloads of vitamin C and fibre were soon pureed on the streets, with the ripe redness
smeared over walls and people.
The origin of the tomato fight is disputed, but most agree it started around 1940, in
the early years of the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco.
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Saucy! Thousands get splattered red in Tomatina tomato fight festival in Spain

1818 Folder Collection
Ashley Chen published on August 29, 2014
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