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  • Here’s how to build your perfect daily routine.

  • Start with the foundation.

  • Take out your calendar, and fill in the  fixed elements that you must attend and  

  • cannot change - think classes, small group  sessions, club meetings, and the like.

  • Next, determine your sleep and wake times,  

  • making sure to put aside enough time  to get seven to nine hours of sleep.

  • All your effort to build a daily  routine to be more productive will  

  • be for nothing if you sacrifice your sleep.

  • Next, plan out your exercise regimen.

  • Not only is it beneficial to your  long-term health, but you also get the  

  • sweet sweet cognitive benefits of BDNFaka brain derived neurotrophic factor.

  • Lastly, fill in your meal times. What  is optimal will vary from person to  

  • person so do what feels right. Just make  sure not to eat too close to bedtime.

  • After setting the foundation,  

  • fill in your non-fixed elements and move  them around to dial in your perfect routine.

  • Remember, this daily schedule needs  to be sustainable in the long term.  

  • Don’t push yourself too hard  or youll quickly burn out.

  • Schedule breaks as needed and make sure you  also set aside time for things you enjoy.

  • Once you have your perfect plan, all  that’s left is to put it into action.

Here’s how to build your perfect daily routine.

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