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  • Number one, dreaming of your childhood home.

  • Have you been having dreams where you're in your childhood home?

  • This could mean that you have something from your childhood you need to resolve.

  • Anne Cutler, a licensed psychoanalyst, told author Carolyn Steber in an article for "Bustle" that recurring dreams or dream themes

  • such as always going to the childhood house may be reflective of some unresolved issue from childhood that the dreamer is trying to work through.

  • Mmm, pretty interesting.

  • What problems from childhood do you think you might need to resolve?

  • Cutler also explains that the childhood home could be symbolic by showing you the roots of your problem.

  • So, what was going on in your childhood home?

  • Is that the root of your current problem?

  • Number two, discovering a secret room.

  • So, maybe you are in your childhood home.

  • Is there a secret room you've discovered?

  • Maybe it's hidden in the attic, or maybe there's a new room that was never there before, showing itself through a new crack in the wall.

  • Psychoanalyst Anne Cutler told author Carolyn Steber in an article for "Bustle" that discovering a secret room could symbolize discovering a hidden aspect of the self that had been out of the dreamer's awareness.

  • Did you feel reawakened to a new you when you woke from that secret room dream or were you just awakened?

  • Number three, you dream of a long-lost friend or ex-friend.

  • Do you keep dreaming of that long-lost friend of yours?

  • Maybe there's someone you're no longer friends with, but suddenly, there they are in your dream.

  • This may be a sign that you need to reflect on the friendship with them and learn something new from it as time has now passed.

  • This could also be a sign that there is more you need to discuss with them.

  • If you have unfinished business with them, this could also be a reminder that you might wanna consider reaching out.

  • What if you said all there needs to be said?

  • Well, they could just be represented as a conflict inside you that needs to be resolved.

  • Number four, dreaming of someone repeatedly.

  • So, maybe you dream of one particular person over and over again.

  • What does it mean?

  • Well, the more you dream of them, the stronger the emotion you're experiencing about them.

  • You could have feelings of affection or admiration for them.

  • Maybe you miss them, or maybe you fear them.

  • Perhaps you're repressing feelings about them?

  • The point is, if you find you're dreaming about them once or twice, it could be a good idea to look into your feelings for them.

  • If you're dreaming of them a dozen times a month, the feeling is strong and trying to tell you something.

  • If you're repressing something, perhaps confront it.

  • If you're missing them, reach out.

  • And if you like them, maybe call them.

  • And number five, losing your teeth.

  • Have you ever had your teeth fall out during a dream?

  • Many believe losing teeth in a dream or a nightmare could mean you have some insecurities that might be worth addressing.

  • With this dream symbol, likely the insecurities are to do with your appearance or a particular feature of yours.

  • Another common interpretation of this symbol is that you've recently said something embarrassing or are uncertain of your communication skills.

  • Perhaps you feel you're not getting your point across as you mean to, or that you're having trouble communicating with others.

  • Maybe because you're toothless or, well, only in your dreams.

  • Nightmares, really.

  • Make sure to brush your teeth first thing in the morning, folks.

  • It's just a dream; iIt's just a dream.

  • So, what have you been dreaming of lately?

  • What do you think it means?

  • Feel free to share with us in the comments down below.

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Number one, dreaming of your childhood home.

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