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One two three.
-Unicorns. -Rainbows.
That was on the same subject.
Unicorns and rainbows.
Wham BaM. Thank you ma'am. You are well and truly here, and I'm really excited for you
lads. You must be living the actual dream.
No, we love it. It's just absolutely amazing, and thank you for having us here. It's such
an honour.
It's a pleasure.
It's a beautiful room.
Such a sweet talker.
How do you feel Charlie that you go and talk and someone else talks for you?
Um, it kind of takes a bit of stress off me really because I know if I'm worried about
what to say Leondre will jump in for me.
So I suppose it's a good thing. But then I go to say something, and then Leondre comes
in and I'm just like good boy. Good boy.
But no, he's good at talking.
I'm good at talking.
Have you got to that stage yet where you're like twins, and you think the same thing and stuff?
Yes, actually.
What was it we said yesterday?
Um um.
We just all...
I said what's the first thing that comes to your head when you think of cherries? And
I said, we both said beans.
At the same time. Just randomly.
Just randomly. Why beans?
-Why beans? -Why beans?
And we both just said beans.
It's nuts.
Why is someone asking about cherries?
Because we had a fruit basket in our room, and there was cherries in there.
And I said, what was the first thing that comes to your head when you think of cherries?
We both said beans exactly at the same time. It was like telepathic kind of thing. I don't
even know what that means. I just hear it on the news.
Well, at least you're learning something. That's cool, right? Telepathic.
I once heard a phrase by Duncan Valentine. He said, "Life is like a bowl of cherries.
Watch out for the pits."
Ooooooooh. That's a good one.
That's a good one.
You can quote me on that.
Yeah, I can quote you on that one.
So guys, you've got a debut single. Did you ever dream you'd be here right now talking
about that?
-No way. -Not really.
Like literally, thinking about a couple of months ago, I never thought we'd be in the
position we are now, even at the start of Britain's Got Talent when we auditioned. We
just never thought we'd be in the position. Signed to SyCo records. Who could say that?
I mean, it's amazing.
Let's talk SyCo. Let's talk Mr. Cowell. Have you seen him much since the show?
No, we haven't seen him since the show actually, which I hope we do soon anyway.
Yeah because I love him. He's just like a legend.
We're all best mates now you know. We're best mates with Simon.
A WhatsApp group with Si.
Ah no, we're not that important.
What's he like?
He's just such a nice guy. I mean, you think he's quite intimidating on the telly, and
you see him and he gives that infernal stare. Sorry, I used my other posh word.
What does that mean?
Ask him.
I don't know. It's like... It's like a fiery gaze. That's the one. Oooh.
He's really nice in person. He's such a nice person, and he's easy to get along with as well.
He's quite cool as well, the way he buttons his shirt. You know, he's got a swag.
Lays back in his seat.
You've got to get some kind of like handshake with him.
Yeah. We've got to do that.
BaM. BaM handshake.
Yeah, look go on and show her BaM handshake. BaM.
It's simple as that. It's so simple.
Guys, you have met a lot of people since you've been famous because you're famous now.
Yeah, it's an honour to meet you.
What is the best selfie you've had so far?
I wouldn't say it's a selfie, but I'd reckon it'd be...
You can call a selfie like a normal picture now.
Yeah, I'd say the one with Simon.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
Or the BaM family with Michelle Keegan.
Oh yeah.
That was nice. That was alright.
It did actually taste nice. I don't know what she puts on her face, but it tastes like coconuts.
Why did I say that?
Breaking news. Michelle Keegan tastes like coconuts.
Mark Wright's a lucky, lucky boy.
Do you reckon he wakes up in the morning and goes you taste like coconut?
And talking about the girls because you guys have got the chat, the looks, the style, the
voices. There's not much you haven't got, you boys.
Look at you, you're beautiful. I bet you pull all the men.
You're absolutely wrong.
So you guys have got all the ladies you could ever want, and they're pouring over you. What
is a tip to kind of... I don't want to say pulling because that's a bit grown up, isn't it?
Getting the girls.
It's not our main concern, but like our main concern is obviously like portraying our song
in a good way and performing well and focusing on our career. But girls are like a bonus.
But yeah, I haven't met the girl of my dreams yet, but she's definitely the girl of my dreams.
Who is?
Ariana Grande.
Oh yeah. Number one last week.
Yup exactly.
I think I've bought it on every single iPhone I've come across.
Because literally, if I'm without my phone, I think I'd buy it on Charlie's phone just
to listen to it. So yeah... Do you know what? I genuinely think I'm in love.
Okay, so let's talk Ariana for a minute. How are we going get her to contact you?
I don't know. I feel pretty left out, you know.
I've got a really funny story. When we were in LA doing the Ellen Show, I was being a
bit obsessive and I had no minutes left on my phone. I literally my phone went ballistic
when I got back. I looked up on the internet Ariana Grande's number, and I tried ringing
it, and I think it got to the O2 messaging service. They don't have that in LA, so what
was it? No, I don't know.
It's when Blair said to us about when she just lives up the road.
Oh yeah.
Oh, he was crying, right? It was the day he was leaving LA, and Blair was like oh, did you
know Ariana Grande only lives up the road? Oh, we could have arranged for you to go see
her and all that. Oh, he was so upset.
My heart was broken into like a million pieces.
It was the best thing ever.
He's so cruel.
Okay, so if we could click our fingers now and be anywhere tomorrow, where would you
be? Kind of music wise and what would you have hoped to achieve?
I would like to be just touring the world. On a tour with us going all around the world.
That's it really.
I would like to be back on the final stage and just relive it all again. Because it was
just so, it was just such a good experience and obviously knowing that's what got us to
where we are today, to be able to relive that would be amazing.
Don't you think it's almost a good thing you didn't win it?
I think... We didn't come in the show to win it. We come in to build a platform for ourself.
I mean, it would have been amazing if we won, but I mean Collabro were amazing. They deserved
to win as much as anyone else did. I think this year's competition was very tough. It
was extremely tough this year.
But we went in with nothing, and we came out with something, so that's all that matters really.
You could create a book of quotes, couldn't you?
We're already writing our biography.
Is it autobiography or biography?
-Autobiography. -When you write it yourself...
I'm writing one about Charlie. Charlie's writing one about me, so it's a biography. Do you
know what as well? Do you know what my favourite quote of all time... actually there's two
of my favourite quotes of all time?
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
And if I don't spark the mind which will change the world.
No, you just messed it up.
No. Reset, reset. Reset, reset. Okay my two favourite quotes of all time are:
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. So I mean, say like you get knocked down,
pick yourself back up. You know in the future to just like stay strong. And my next quote is...
My next favourite quote is...
My next favourite quote is: If I don't change the world, I'll spark the mind that does.
There you go.
I didn't hear.
-If I don't change the world... -If I don't change the world...
-I'll spark the mind that does. -I will spark the mind that does.
Thank you translator.
I will spark the mind that does. I don't get it.
It's basically saying...
Say like what happened about world problems, and you're trying to make a change in the
world. But it's not quite happening, then someone in the future might do the same thing
as you and change the world.
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CUTEST INTERVIEW EVER: Bars & Melody on selfies, Simon Cowell and girl crushes

2209 Folder Collection
姚易辰 published on August 28, 2014
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