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  • Ah hello!

  • Today I'm making a savoury side  dish for a light family supper.  

  • I'm making almond and potato puddingFor this recipe you will need...

  • I'm going to start by mashing my potatoes. You  can use any mealy potato, not a salad potato.  

  • And this recipe is ideal for using up potatoes  that have already been boiled or baked, left over.

  • You need to make your potato a nice dry flour.

  • Potatoes are very cheap and very good for  you. They're very popular with this family.

  • I've asked Annie Chase to prepare the almonds.  

  • It's quite time consuming to blanchepeel and then pound the almonds  

  • and we use so many of them that it would  be too expensive to buy them already done.

  • I'm now going to mash these  together with the butter

  • lemon zest

  • and lemon juice

  • Oh, and the milk, which needs to be boiling.

  • My eggs yolks.

  • A pinch of salt.

  • And a little bit of nutmeg.

  • I found this recipe inbook written by a Welsh lady,  

  • intended for those of the middle classes  who were seeking elegent economy.

  • After all, with the bad harvests I think  everyone's seeking a little economy.

  • I'm now going to whisk the egg whites.

  • Potatoes make wonderful puddings.

  • I recently found one using the  orange potatoes, the sweet ones.  

  • That was for a sweet pudding. I've a mind to  make it but I wonder if it's a bit old fashioned.

  • This is a really nice pudding best  served with fowl or tomato sauce.

  • You can put it in a pastry or a plain loaf  tin. But I'm going to put it in this mould.

  • I've already greased it and I just want to  put it in very gently, to keep the air in.

  • It now needs to go into the oven,  a moderate oven, for about an hour.

  • I've let the pudding cool a little. You  can serve this dish either hot or cold.  

  • I'm going to serve it on a doily. I think doilies  are very useful, they stop the dish sliding about.

  • I'm now going to decorate it with  lemons and slices of almonds.

  • [music]

  • And some pansies...

  • And a little asparagus fern.

  • There you are. Almond and potato  pudding. The perfect winter side dish.

Ah hello!

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